Seva Sadan's College of Education

Permanently Affiliated to University of Mumbai,
Govt. Aided, Sindhi Linguistic Minority Institution
NAAC Accredited with A+ Grade
NAAC Reaccredited with A Grade (2nd, 3rd & 4th Cycle)
"Best College Award" By University of Mumbai

Ph.D Center

The college is a recognized centre of University of Mumbai for research and permitted to conduct Ph.D. Program, and provides research facilities at various levels since 1970. College publishes biannual journal “Innovations in Teacher Education” with ISSN- 0975-4989 for disseminating research findings.

Ph.D. (Education) Guide


Name of Guide Date of Birth University Approval No. Subject Email ID
Dr. Beena Shankar Khemchandani 12/26/1957 PG/2/977 of 1999 Dt. 30/03/1999 Education
Dr. Sanjay Jayaram Nimbalkar 11/17/1971 PG/2/ICD/2013-14/21939 Dt. 13/12/2013 Education
Dr. Swarnalatha Harichandan 4/12/1963 PG/2/ICD/2015-16/9501 Dt. 24/07/2015 Education
Dr. Heena D. Wadhwani 6/21/1969 PG/ICD/2018-19/2433 Dt. 14/03/2019 Education
Dr. Dnyaneshwar J. Bhamare 6/1/1963 PG/ICD/2018-19/2497 Dt. 15/03/2019 Education
Dr. Deepika Sharma 7/29/1964 PG/ICD/2018-19/2493 Dt. 15/03/2019 Education
Dr. Renuka K. Shewkani 10/16/1967 PG/ICD/2018-19/2494 Dt. 15/03/2019 Education
Degree Awarded
Ph.D. 63


Ph. D Entrance Test

Kindly refer University of Mumbai website for details regarding Ph. D entrance test (

Pre Ph.D. Programme Syllabus